Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Its the Plot not the Cast!

& everytime you unveil another balck-n-red-cover movie,
with your eyelids darker than to be covered with your Dior powder,
swear to all the things you either don't belive in or
on head of those you want dead, that this is the scariest ever.
The me today & the you a few years later say the "Really?" out loud & conceal our smirks.
The most horrific movie ever-made, in-the-making or ever-to-be-made
is marriage.

و هر بار يكي از اين فيلماي سياه و قرمز جلد، رو ميكني
،Dior با زير چشمهايي سياه تر از قدرت كرم پودر
قسم به جون تموم چيزايي ميخوري كه يا قبولشون نداري
.يا اونايي كه ميخواي سر به تنشون نباشه كه اين ديگه ترسناكترينشونه
.من امروز و توي چند سالي آينده تر "جداً؟" رو بيان ميكنيم و پوزخند و پنهان
ترسناكترين فيلمي كه تا حالا ساخته شده، در حال ساخته و امكان داره ساخته بشه

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