Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheating is Devine

Do you really think God would have stayed in power
for this long if he had not cheated in the elections?

یعنی واقعا فکر میکنین خدا میتونست این همه مدت
در راس قدرت باشه اگه تو انتخابات تقلب نمیکرد؟

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Downstream Effect

+ Why did you cheat on the exam kid?
- Relax sir! It was only 3 marks and
it has not changed the overall result!
has it?

چرا توی امتحان تقلب کردی بچه؟ +
آقا بیخیال! فقط سه نمره تقلب کردم -
!تازه تو نتیجه کلی هم که تاثیری نداشته

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Voldemort has Returned

+ We will keep the first prize you won
but we offer you a better deal.
You will let us sleep with your wife as well.
- How is that better for me!?
+ It is better for us.
جایزه قهرمانیت رو ما نگه میداریم +
.ولی بجاش یه پیشنهاد بهتر برات داریم
.اجازه میدی که با زنت هم همبستر بشیم
این چیش برام بهتره اونوقت!؟ -
.برای ما بهتره +

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Presidential Can Did Eight

I have more fans than the others
and my election color is black.

من از همشون بیشتر طرفدار دارم
.رنگ انتخاباتـیم هم مـشکـیه