Tuesday, January 04, 2011

When Geek met Dick

The first porno people watch makes them understand,
the extent of which they need to study in their lives.

اولین فیلم پورنویی که آدم میبینه بهش میفهمونه
که تا چه مقطعی لازمه تو زندگیش درس بخونه.


  1. باور کن این گنگه!
    همونی که به من گفتی این زیر پی نوشت کن :))

  2. Nice shot!
    By the way, in terms of translating this post, I've got a few points:

    1. I'd rather say "lets" them understand (instead of makes them...)
    2. the extent "to" which
    3. "understand" does not seem to fit.