Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Left; the hand with the "WATCH"

On the road, the truck signalled with the left indicator*
the car behind came to overtake him from the left
the truck turned left and crushed him.
They did signal left
Everybody voted for the left
they turned and crushed them.
Ethical Point: It is better to arrive late than dead.
Practical Question: How should trucks signal if they truly decide to turn left?
* In iran truck on the road signal left so that cars behind know when to overtake them.

تو جاده کامیون راهنمای سمت چپ داد
ماشینه اومد از چپش سبقت بگیره
.کامیون پیچید سمت چپ لهش کرد
طرف راهنمای سمت چپ داد
همه به چپ رای دادن
.پیچید لهشون کرد
نتیجه اخلاقی: دیر رسیدن از نرسیدن بهتره
سوال عملی: اگه کامیون واقعاً بخواد بپیچه سمت چپ تو جاده باید چه جوری راهنما بده؟

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