Monday, November 23, 2009

Sun Dies of Fever Next?

People might not buy the story, however
The creativity Nobel prize should definitely go to the author of the story about
a 26 year old Iranian doctor, who manages to commit suicide, in police detention
by self-inducing cardiac arrest, instead of ALL the possible options.
Recently this field has been flooded by other regional candidates though.
(A 26 y/o MD serving his military service, as the infamous Kahrizak Prison doctor, suspiciously died while in detention, of CARDIAC ARREST & the governemnt claims he has commited suicide!)

البته ممکنه بین مردم خوب فروش نکنه ولی
جایزه نوبل خلاقیت، حتماً حق مولف داستانیه که توش
، یه پزشک 26 ساله، تو بازداشتگاه، از بین این هــمه انواع خودکشی
.خودش رو دچار ایست قلبی میکنه
.البته در این شاخه، رقبای سرسخت منطقه ایه قدری حضور دارن

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