Wednesday, September 16, 2009

His Father was an Engineer

Had no partners and hadn't married.
so when he died in the post-election
maneuvers-against-real-people in the country,
there was noone to claim his body.
So they burried God in a mass grave as well,
without anyone noticing.
Now, keep running from marriage!

اونم نه شریک گرفت نه ازدواج کرد
وقتی هم که توی رزمایش برعلیه مردم واقعی
بعد انتخابات به جایی کشته شد
.کسی رو نداشت جسدش رو تحویل بگیره
،پس خدا رو هم بی نام و نشون توی بهشت زهرا دفن کردن
.بدون اینکه هیچ کسی بفهمه
!حالا هی از زیر ازدواج دررو

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