Monday, August 24, 2009

Joke System Update

They arrested a guy and took him to Kahriz@k prison
When released they ask him what was it like in there
He says, well they either ate 20 kg off you and sent you
in front of the cameras to confess or raped you and let you go.
They did the first one to me of course.

یکی رو میگیرن میبرن زنـدان کـهـریزک
آزاد که میشه میپرسن چه خبر بود اونجا
میگه والا یا 20 کیلو از آدم میخوردن و میبردن جلو دوربین
یا هم با باتوم تجــاوز میکردن و ول میکردن
.البته ما رو که خوردن دیگه

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