Monday, September 01, 2008

Might Makes Fight

God had to attend anger management classes,
a month each year till the end of days.
In order to keep his angels, property and apples safe,
he set two codes(Ramd) in Arabic which had no "Z" then
& though things were slow he said FAST & named the month Ramadan.

خدا مجبور بود تا آخر دنیا هر سال یک ماه
.برود به این کلاسهای کنترل خشم
جهت حفظ حوری ها، اموال و سیبهایش وچون عربی آن ضمان
پژگچز" را نداشت دو رمضی کرد همه قفلها را و"
.در حالی که شب بود به همه گفت روضه و این ماه دو رمضدار هم رمضان

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